Why See a Child Psychiatrist?


     A child psychiatrist is a highly-trained medical doctor educated in adult psychiatry, family psychiatry and child/adolescent psychiatry. This extensive training allows her to understand issues throughout the lifecycle and use that knowledge to help children and parents deal with challenges faced by families today.


     Being a medical doctor is helpful in understanding how chemicals and illnesses affect the developing child. There several medical causes of behavioral and psychiatric symptoms in both children and adults. A thorough psychiatrist will evaluate all possibilities.


     It is a child psychiatrist's goal to advocate for your child and family. This involves assistance with obtaining services for your child to succeed at school, as well as tapping into other community resources for the family.


     The child psychiatrist can also help parents and children during times of stress. Stress can be caused by many things, including illness in a child, relationship changes or job changes. The psychiatrist can provide support to both the child and the parent while teaching new skills for the future.