Women's Medicine

As women, we face an exceptionally challenging task in determining how our hormonal cycles and changes affect our mood, energy level, confidence, libido and eating habits.

Women are statistically more likely to suffer from thyroid problems and autoimmune disorders, which are often misdiagnosed as simple depression or anxiety. Researchers are finally realizing that estrogen, progesterone, thyroid and testosterone are intricately involved with our response to depression and anxiety treatments.

Dr. Blue takes all these hormonal connections into consideration when preparing a customized treatment based upon your particular symptoms. Initial and follow-up laboratory tests are required to monitor your body's response to treatment and to ensure no negative consequences. However, your reported response regarding your symptoms is still of utmost consideration with regard to whether the treatment is working for you.

If hormonal treatment is indicated, Dr. Blue prescribes Bio-identical hormones. There are various reliable resources for you to evaluate if Bio-identical hormones might be helpful for you. You may discuss any questions you have when you meet with Dr. Blue for your consultation.

Dr. Blue is happy to work with your primary physician or OB/GYN to help you feel your best.